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Frasure Farms
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We are a family based business that believes in preserving nature. At the present we specialize in growing log grown shiitake mushrooms and 16 varieties of garlic, hardnecks and softnecks.
We pride ourselves on staying as natural as possible. With over 20 years of experience in growing mushrooms, we have learned to grow some of the best quality mushrooms around.

All our garlic is naturally grown without pesticides and herbicides. We rotate crops into the soil to build it up, making the ground rich in nutrients. Some people say you can't grow softneck garlic in the North, but we've grown softnecks with a 3 inch diameter.
Browse through our website and check out some of our quality natural products. Feel free to call us or stop in to tour our facilities.
Interested in learning more?
​If you are interested in mushrooms and want to read a good book? Check out "The Fungi Kingdom" by David Frasure. A delightful tale of a young farm boy who is magically shrunk into the fungi kingdom. Go to Amazon books and type in "The Fungi Kingdom"